Troy Lee Designs GP Gloves

Size: S

The Troy Lee Designs GP Gloves, like the rest of the TLD glove range, have been rigorously tested and honed to offer a perfect fit and great style. 

Their tough, dual-layer palms will act as a second skin and mute trail chatter, while laser cut holes will allow air to circulate freely and keep your hands dry for the duration of your session. 

A TPR index finger will work to protect your most exposed digit, while being flexible enough to allow free movement. Meanwhile, silicone printed fingertips will let you jump and rip up the trails as powerfully as you like, keeping a firm grasp of the brakes and handlebars all the while. 

Available in a range of bold colours, these gloves will both look great and perform well on the trails. 

Key Features
  • Tough dual-layer palm with mapped laser hole perforations for breathability
  • TPR index finger offers protection while maintaining flexibility
  • Silicone printed fingertips make it easier to grip
Size: S

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