Cycle to Work Made Simple.

Cycle to work is a government-backed salary sacrifice scheme that allows you to save up to 47% off of the cost of cycle related products. This can be anything from accessories, apparel, bikes, and beyond.

Here at bikedotcodotuk, we work with a wide selection of voucher providers, enabling you, the employee, to save up to 47% off the cost of cycling. Not only that, employers can save on their NI contribution. Everybody wins.

"Everybody wins" - 47% for the employee, 13.8% for the employer.

Savings made easy

It’s a lot easier to set up than you think; we have a straightforward form that company employees can fill out and kickstart the scheme with your employer. Headache-free, we guarantee!

Everything on our site complies with cycle to work: from bags to coats, helmets to bikes (you do not need to buy a bike, but you a certainly welcome to!). You can spend as little as £300 and redeem multiple vouchers per year. So, whether it's some new kit or an upgrade you're after, we can help you make that decision.

spend as little as £300 to save 47%

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will hold your hand throughout the process, from filling out an application to receiving your goods.

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