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Ride, Perfected.

“At Basso, it’s all about creating the best riding experience for passionate cyclists like you and us.”
- Alcide Basso

Riding a Basso is more than just numbers and performance; it's about transcending into an experience that intertwines technical finesse with pure joy. Central to this is the fusion of handling and lightness, speed and cycling delight, resulting in unparalleled rideability. Basso bikes are crafted from the rider's perspective, where every frame contour, geometry angle, and tubing is born from dedicated research and collaboration with specialized experts. Our goal isn't solely to create the lightest or fastest bike but to harmonize these attributes into an exhilarating, high-performance ride.

Poetic Biomechanics

Basso envisions each frame as an extension of the cyclist's physiology, a true mechanical embodiment. Every frame is meticulously engineered to enhance capabilities and resolve, adhering to the highest safety and quality benchmarks. With various sizes available (up to 8 on select models) and complemented by diverse Basso components, tailored saddle positioning for every rider is achievable. Each bike is then assembled according to individual specifications, adaptable and customizable over time.

Melding muscle with carbon, and nerves with pedals, every kilometer on a Basso fosters a symbiotic connection, empowering riders to surpass their limits with a tool tailored to their body. Basso continually refines frames as a tribute to those who have contributed to the pursuit of supreme riding pleasure.

Evolution of Geometry

Thousands of cyclist anthropometric measurements dissecting posture, weight distribution, and dynamic equilibrium that underpin cycling. Alcide Basso's founding principle involves crafting custom frames for athletes based on these insights. From this trove of data emerged Basso's proprietary formula for optimal geometry. Thus, precise measurements and models unveiled the geometry that epitomizes Basso's objective: delivering the utmost riding experience.

More than four decades ago, Alcide Basso forged his initial frame, a product of meticulous geometry study for individuals. Amidst evolving technology and design, the core geometric principles rooted in human biomechanics remain unaltered. This enduring foundation gives rise to various models, each distinct yet unmistakably Basso.


Functionally elegant, elegantly functional.
Uniting functionality and aesthetics, poised to withstand the test of time. Basso believes that mere functionality falls short. Hence, every project deeply integrates aesthetic equilibrium within every facet. The outcome is a design that captivates both at first glance and upon mounting the saddle. Seamlessly marrying performance and aesthetics, these creations endure, bestowing elegance with every pedal revolution.
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