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HPS design and develop world-class technology fusing Formula 1 engineering with a passion for cycling.

Bikes are more than just machines, for many, they are a way of life. Bike design forms an integral part of the passion, and HPS believe this should not be compromised. The result is the HPS Dominique® bike, beautiful from any angle.


Working alongside one of the world’s leading F1 engineers has enabled them to develop systems for e-bikes that harness power from an ultra light-weight battery, channeled through a precision-engineered, light-weight motor and gear box.

Gary Anderson is a legendary racing car designer known for innovation, attention to detail and the ability to fuse precision engineering with stunning design. Starting at Brabham in the 70s, he went on to become the Chief Mechanic at McLaren, then Chief Engineer of the Galles IndyCar team in the US, before returning to the UK to design the first Jordan Grand Prix car for Eddie Jordan in 1991.

After working with Jordan, Anderson designed the Stewart Ford SF3 F1 car for Jackie Stewart in 1999 and the Jaguar Cosworth R1 F1 in 2000. Today he remains in demand as a technical and engineering consultant to a number of the F1 teams, as well as a technical analyst for Autosport.


Through constant refinement and attention to the smallest of details, HPS has been able to create an e-bike motor that is lightyears ahead of the competition – WATT ASSIST Pro™.

HPS was created to offer a high-end road bicycle with an electric motor that behaves and weighs exactly like an unassisted road bike – without compromise. They looked back at the glorious history of the professional sport when designing their bikes, seeking partnerships with like-minded experts like Campagnolo.


'Domestique – a rider who works for the benefit of their team and leader, rather than trying to win the race'.

When deciding a name for our ground-breaking system it soon became clear that there could be only one choice, Domestique. The name perfectly sums up the purpose of their motor system, to help take riders further, faster and for longer.

"It's like having your strongest day on the bike, every day" – HPS Official test and development pilot and former professional racing cyclist, Phil Deignan, perfectly sums up the confidence HPS Domestique® gives you as a rider. Take on the mountain, set the pace on a ride with friends, and HPS will help you to become the rider you dream of becoming.


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