Size: S
Color: Matt/Gloss Grey/Mint

The Ibex 2.0 is HJC’s most technically progressive and perhaps its most stunning road cycling helmet on offer.

Phenomenal ventilation, luxurious comfort and an ultra-lightweight construction come together in this pro-peloton favoured lid. Primed for hot weather conditions and prolonged, intense effort on the bike, the Ibex 2.0 is ideal for road riding in a wide variety of settings.

HJC’s relatively recent entry into the world of elite performance bicycle helmets belies its rich and prestigious history building pioneering motorcycle helmets since 1971. The fact that the Ibex 2.0 has already been worn to stage victories on the Grand Tour and is a stalwart choice of many professional racers, including the entirety of AG2R Citroën and Israel Start-Up Nation, speaks of the meticulous care and attention invested in its development.


Tested and refined at HJC’s bespoke wind tunnel facility, the Ibex 2.0 draws upon a remarkable pool of expertise to give you the very best on-bike ventilation, noise-cancellation and aerodynamics whilst adhering to strict safety standards.

The ventilation system utilised in the Ibex 2.0 was developed through rigorous testing in a wide range of conditions and velocities, to ensure that your temperature will be fully regulated no matter where or how you’re riding. The 16 vents employ core principles of fluid dynamics to draw cool air over the length of the helmet with maximal efficiency – crucial if you’re likely to be climbing in hot conditions or sprinting during the race season.


In contrast to many alternative top-tier helmets, the Ibex 2.0 maintains a sleek and elegant aesthetic that tunes into the brand’s holistic commitment to uninterrupted cycling enjoyment.

The 55 degree chin strap angle prevents unwanted strap twisting and ensures that the straps will sit flush to your face. A handy integrated mount for sunglasses, directly above your eyeline, makes for a quick and efficient transfer as and when the sun shines through.


During the research and development for the Ibex 2.0, HJC completed comprehensive 3D analysis of a diverse sample of rider head shapes that influenced the final design of the helmet. What this means for you is that the Ibex 2.0 is super simple to adjust for a comfortable fit.

HJC’s Selfit helmet adjustment system does away with a traditional dial and replaces it with an ergonomic, snap fit adjuster which, once comfortably cradling your head, actually pivots within the helmet as you move position. From the drops to the hoods, rest assured you’re getting maximum protection and luxurious comfort. 

HJC sizing is also remarkably straightforward – find your brow circumference and set the adjusters in seconds.


Size Measurement
S 51-56cm (20-22")
M 55-59cm (21.6-23.2")
L 58-61cm (22.8-24")

Here at Saddleback, our staff are consistently impressed by the way in which the Ibex 2.0 performs in a wide range of conditions. If, like us, you enjoy all-out racing as much as mountain pass exploration, this helmet will be a great investment for you.



16 port ventilation system utilising Venturi dynamics keeps your cool in hotter conditions.

Tested and refined in HJC's bespoke wind tunnel facility.



Seamless marriage of form and function for a sleek look and comfortable fit.

Integrated sunglasses mount for an uninterrupted ride experience. 

Available in a variety of timeless colourways.


Weighs only 200g (+/-10g).

Easy-to-adjust fitting system based on 3D analysis, for lasting comfort.

Straightforward sizing.

Size: S
Color: Matt/Gloss Grey/Mint

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