Size: S
Color: Matt/Gloss White
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The HJC Furion 2.0 is a beautifully finished semi-aero bike helmet primed for everything from triathlons to sportives.

The HJC Furion 2.0 is the South Korean company’s updated aerodynamic helmet. Allowing savings of 7% energy over your competitors, it offers a significant advantage during rides. It has already been worn to several WorldTour victories, and is one of the helmets of choice for the AG2R Citroën and Israel Start-Up Nation teams. 

For a helmet to be aerodynamic, it often has to make two significant compromises: weight and airflow. The compact Furion 2.0 has several features that mean these compromises are significantly minimised. In fact, the Furion 2.0 weighs 190g, which is 10g lighter than HJC’s other pro-level helmet, the Ibex.



Tested and refined at HJC’s bespoke wind tunnel facility, the Furion 2.0 synthesises findings from a wide range of real-world riding conditions to give you not only maximal streamlining but ventilation to match.

When it comes to marginal gains, pairing superior aerodynamics with optimal airflow is critical. Without sufficient cooling in an aero helmet, your overall performance can be compromised. The Furion 2.0 eliminates this risk with its innovative CoolPath construction. 

Retaining a wholly aero shape, CoolPath does away with traditional pads, cradling your head in such a way that air can flow all the way across from the front to the rear, keeping you cool even after prolonged effort. 


In contrast with many alternative top-tier aero helmets, the Furion 2.0 maintains a clean-cut aesthetic that reflects the brand’s holistic commitment to uninterrupted cycling enjoyment.

The extra-wide gap at the rear is great if you’ve got longer hair or wear a ponytail, whilst the 55 degree chin strap angle prevents unwanted strap twisting. 


During the research and development for the Furion 2.0 helmet, HJC completed comprehensive 3D analysis of a diverse sample of rider head shapes that influenced the final design of the helmet. What this means for you is that the Furion 2.0 is simple to adjust for a comfortable fit.

HJC’s Selfit helmet adjustment system does away with a traditional dial and replaces it with an ergonomic, snap fit adjuster which, once comfortably cradling your head, actually pivots within the helmet as you move position. From the drops to the hoods, rest assured you’re getting maximal protection and luxurious comfort. 

HJC sizing is also remarkably straightforward – find your brow circumference and set the adjusters in seconds.

Key features:

  • Unrivalled aerodynamic capabilities
  • Construction evidentially informed by rigorous testing at HJC's bespoke wind tunnel facility
  • Innovative CoolPath ventilation system keeps your cool in hotter conditions
  • Does away with traditional pads for a more ergonomic cradle
  • Weighs only 190g (+/-10g)
  • Easy-to-adjust fitting system based on 3D analysis, for lasting comfort


Small 51-56cm 20-22"
Medium 55-59cm 21.6-23.2"
Large 58-61cm 22.8-24"
Size: S
Color: Matt/Gloss White

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