Fulcrum Rapid Red Carbon Wheelset

Type: Rapid Red Carbon N3W

Fulcrum Rapid Red Carbon: discover new horizons fast.

The Rapid Red family of wheels now boasts a set of wheels dedicated to those who want to discover new terrains and new trails, with a touch of extra speed. Fulcrum have applied the technological knowhow from their top of the range wheels to develop the reactive, light and reliable Fulcrum Rapid Red Carbon, for gravel (and for whatever gravel means to you).

Lightness and reactivity are guaranteed by the S-Shape asymmetrical profile carbon rim. This technology improves the balance between the tension of the spokes. The optimised balance ensures long term performance levels. Moreover the unique shape of the rim profile increases stiffness by 2.5% compared to a traditional U-shaped profile.  

To achieve the maximum performance with tubeless tyres, the Rapid Red Carbon feature a tubeless-specific non-drilled bridge: 2-Way FitThe non-drilled bridge has a C-Lux Finish, a mirror-like finish that makes it easier to install the tyre. The wheel assembly is completed with Fulcrum's patented Mo-Mag technology, which uses a simple and ingenious solution to seat the nipple on the rim hole with a magnet.

The rim has a 30 mm high profile with a mini-hook system that extends its compatibility with a wider range of pressures (the only limit is the one given by the tyre). Moreover Fulcrum’s dimensional precision guarantees greater safety against the tyre rolling off the rim at low pressures, thanks to the larger support surface available with the wider inner rim width of 25 mm.   

And as you’ve come to expect from #fulcrumfast, Fulcrum has also employed functional solutions that marry aesthetics and performance. At a glance you will immediately notice the new Direct Inmold Matt Finish (DIMF)The Fulcrum Rapid Red Carbon are the perfect solution for demanding riders looking for a top of range product with “made in Europe” technology.  



Tyre Type: Clincher/Tubeless Ready, 2-Way Fit Ready

Tyre Size: 700c

Rim Material: Carbon

Wheel Weight: 1490g

Rim Height: Front and rear 30mm

Rim Width: 30.6mm

Inner Rim Width: 25mm

Front Axle Compatibility: HH12-100

Rear Axle Compatibility: HH12-142

Bearings: Adjustable Cup & Cones bearing system

FWB Version: HG11, XDR, N3W

Type: Rapid Red Carbon N3W

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