Fulcrum 2019 Speed 40T + 55T Tubular Wheelset

Type: RS-18T45FRS Combo SPEED 40T fr. & 55T rr. Tub. HG11 CULT

The SPEED 40+55T offers a great mix of speed and control and sits at the pinnacle of the Fulcrum road range. Its 40mm front rim profile offers a significant aerodynamic advantage while not being high enough to represent a risk from crosswinds. Deep enough to slice through the wind and create a rigid and reactive structure but low enough to keep weight to a bare minimum make the SPEED 40T equally potent on any terrain or course your riding can put in front of it.

The 55mm deep rear wheel offers pure speed for when every watt counts, and perfectly designed with a 17C channel, perfect for both 25 and 28mm tubular tyres make for a true modern racing wheel in terms of tyre/rim interface and the performance that comes with it.

New fibres and orientations have been implemented to push the limits of the SPEED family even further. While the new longitudinal twill design of the fibres offer a fresh and new look, the aesthetics advantages come about as a convenient by-product of engineering a stronger yet more elastic complete final structure.



Tyre Type: Tubular
Discipline: Road/Triathlon
Weight:  1255g
Rim material details: Full carbon
Rim height: Front 40mm and rear 55mm
Rim width: 24.2 mm

Type: RS-18T45FRS Combo SPEED 40T fr. & 55T rr. Tub. HG11 CULT

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