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Size: 29" - Chris King ISO Boost - 15x110/12x148 Shimano
Color: Black

The ENVE M735 Chris King ISO hub wheelset is the ultimate wheelset for hitting the toughest trails without limitations.


Key Features
    • The ultimate enduro wheel
    • Strong, compliant and lightweight
    • Designed and engineered for 2.5” to 2.8” tyres
    • Protective Rim Strip for max pinch and impact resistance
    • No tape tubeless set-up
    • Air retention even if carbon bead is damaged
    • Uni-directional carbon construction
    • Patented Moulded Spoke Hole Technology
    • Hookless bead design
    • Chris King ISO hubs
    • 5-year Factory Limited Warranty, cover through ENVE's Incidental Damage Protection Programme



    M7 and M9 series wheels cannot be ridden without the Protective Rim Strip installed. The Protective Rim Strip cannot be used with any other wheels. These wheelsets are only compatible with tubeless tyres and disc-brake setup. All images are for illustrative purposes only.


    The ENVE M735 Chris King ISO hub wheelset is the ultimate wheelset for hitting the toughest trails without limitations.

    ENVE products have been used to gain more than 80 DH World Cup wins and podiums and with the M7 series, the US brand has taken this race-winning technology and honed it specifically for enduro racing.

    With an internal rim width of 35mm, the M735 is designed for 2.5 to 2.8" tubeless tyres, perfect for riders seeking the perfect blend of speed, cornering precision and plush ride.

    The M735 features ENVE's patent-pending Protective Rim Strip. Race-proven on the DH World Cup circuit, the custom rim strip is moulded in-house by ENVE and works alongside the rim's full carbon construction to absorb impact energy – protecting the tyre and rim against the biggest hits and pinch flats.

    The strip also means no tape is required and that the air chamber is completely sealed, maintaining air pressure even if the rim gets damaged in the heat of racing, so you'll be able to finish your stage.

    As with all ENVE's rims, the M735 is handmade at ENVE HQ in Utah, USA, from raw uni-directional carbon fibre. The M735's bespoke carbon laminate construction process also utilises patented moulded spoke holes, removable bladders for weight-saving precision and a gorgeous paint-free finish to further reduce weight while maintaining strength, stiffness and allowing the beautiful handmade quality to shine through.

    This wheelset is built around Chris King ISO hubs. Precision mountain bike tools, the ISO hubs use one-piece solid axles that help suspension work better and transfer every watt to the ground. With heavy duty bearing seals and a threaded driveshell seal ring, the ISO hubs thwart mud, water and contaminants.

    The hubs use bearings that Chris King manufacture in house. The bearings are used in surgical steel races that are machined simultaneously to ensure perfect matching. Chris King hubs get better with age: as the bearing tracks burnish, they get faster. 72 points of engagement gets power to the ground faster and creates the legendary Chris King ‘buzz’. All its hubs and bearings are fully serviceable.

    Built in-house at Saddleback our wheels are fully customisable, and we are able to offer a range of different specifications and hub colours to help create a totally unique set of bespoke wheels. Please be in contact if you would like to discuss build options.

    The ENVE M735 MTB Wheelset – Chris King Hubs comes with ENVE's leading Factory Limited Warranty and Incidental Damage Protection. The Factory Limited Warranty protects buyers for five years from defects in material and workmanship, while the Incidental Damage Protection gives protection from damage caused to their wheels while riding, crashing or transporting bikes. Beyond these three years, there is a prorated discount structure available.


    Rim Specification


    Depth 27mm
    Internal Width 35mm
    External Width 41mm
    Hole Count 32
    Effective Rim Diameter 27.5" 561mm
    Effective Rim Diameter 29" 601mm
    Recommended Tyre Size 2.5"- 2.8"
    Tubeless Compatible YES
    Size: 29" - Chris King ISO Boost - 15x110/12x148 Shimano
    Color: Black

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