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Race focussed Time Trial model with custom geometry.


The Éimear (a Gaelic name meaning 'Swift') model is the result of an extensive development process over a number of years. The result is a time trial bike that offers excellent aerodynamic performance whilst accommodating custom geometry. I wanted to create a bike a bike that offered the aerodynamic performance of a modern 'off the shelf' TT build with the benefit of optimised fit and handling characteristics: These are so often overlooked in a data dominated market but offer a compound performance benefit in ensuring that a rider can remain in an optimised, and ultimately faster, position for a greater proportion of their ride.

The model was developed over multiple rounds of CFD simulation followed by real world validation. With each build being made to measure it is impossible to provide meaningful comparative drag coefficient data, instead the development focussed on establishing shapes that trended towards an overall improvement in real world performance. By comparison to many modern time trial bikes Éimear has a relatively simple silhouette using shapes and profiles that provide reliable performance across a range of sizes and proportions.

As with all the models that I offer a strong emphasis is also placed on the less quantifiable aspects of the riding experience. Whilst time trial bikes are not intended to provide good comfort I have worked hard to retain the 'smooth yet efficient' sensation that riders so often report from riding the other models that I offer.



  • Variable geometry to suit any bike fit and riding position
  • Fully integrated routing for electronic shifting systems
  • Customisable design features including rear disc standard, dropout details and boss locations
  • Custom finish options including logo placement, custom details, anodising, polishing, shot peening and masking.  
  • Customisable Ti frame accessories included as standard

Frameset includes:

  • Frame - 3D printed Ti construction with fully internal cable routing and custom geometry
  • Fork ​- 3D printed Ti with internal cable routing
  • Seatpost and seat clamp - 3D printed Ti seatpost - integrated seatpost clamp
  • Cockpit - 3D printed Ti with fully internal cable routing and custom geometry
  • Crankset - 3D printed Ti in custom length
  • Chainring - Custom machined Ti X1 chainring included as standard - additional charge for X2
  • Computer and accessory mount - 3D printed fully adjustable mount with Garmin or Wahoo mount and lower accessory mount.
  • Bottom bracket - Custom machined Ti T47 bottom bracket with Enduro bearings and Sturdy BB tool
  • Through axles - Custom machined Ti through axles
  • Bolts - Custom machined Ti Torx head bolts with included tool
  • Bar end plugs - Custom machined Ti bar end plugs 
  • Rotor lockrings - 3D printed Ti - same installation tool as BB
  • Front derailleur mount - 3D printed Ti

Assembly Standards:

  • T47-68mm Ti bottom bracket 
  • IS42-IS47 Enduro headset
  • 1X and 2X compatibility
  • 142mm rear axle
  • 140mm or 160mm flat mount 
  • Replaceable derailleur hanger
  • 32mm maximum tyre size (although the design is aerodynamically optimised for 28mm)
  • Approximate final build weight 7.3 - 8.5kg

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