Easton EC90 SL Crank Arms Only

Color: Black
Size: 170mm
  • Built For - Road / CX / Tri-TT
  • Size - 170 / 172 / 175mm
  • Finish - Matte Carbon



The EC90 SL crank utilises the Race Face Cinch technology which allows for direct mount 1x rings as well as direct mount 2x spiders, and industry-leading versatility. Increasingly popular 1x setups have many advantages including weight and simplicity, although their major limitation is adaptability. A Cyclocross rider's ability to ride a course, then effortlessly change chainrings to their preferred setup is a major necessity that has, until now, been overlooked. Narrow-Wide chainring design has revolutionized the mountain bike world, effectively eliminating dropped chains and chain guides. Easton refines the design for larger ring applications with improved chain retention while reducing running noise and friction. Finally Easton launches a new line of low friction Bottom Brackets to complete the EC90 SL Crank package.


  • Hollow carbon construction paired with the highest grade aluminium pedal insert and spindle.
  • Cinch interface with a road specific 30mm spindle.
  • Road standard Q-Factor of 149mm and will fit every major road BB standard.
  • 1x chainline optimized for increasingly popular 135/142mm rear disc bikes.
  • Built For - Road / CX / Tri-TT.
  • Size - 170 / 172.5 / 175mm.
  • Ring Configurations - 53/39, 52/36, 50/34, w/ Removable Spider.
  • Single Direct Mount - 40T, 42T.
  • Weight - 590g (172.5mm 52/36 w/o BB), 442g (172.5mm 40T w/o BB).
  • Chainline - 2x 43.5mm / 2x Disc 46mm / 1x 47mm.
  • Q-FACTOR (with washers): 149mm.
  • Spindle Diameter - 30mm.
  • BB Options - BB86, BSA 68mm, PF30 68mm, BB30 68mm, BBright, 386Evo.
  • Material - EC90 Carbon.
  • Finish - Matte Carbon.
Color: Black
Size: 170mm

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