Chicken Cyclekit


Size: 80mm
Color: BOB Finish

Zero100 stem is extremely versatile because combines lightweight, strength and reliability. It is the perfect choice for sportive or endurance bikes but also one of the preferred choices of Pro riders. Designed and manufactured in 2014 alloy series, the stem features a 82 degrees angle with a wide size options from 80 to 140mm to suit any position. Available in Black or BOB (Black on Black) finish.


  • Material:3D forged, Aluminum 2014
  • Angle:82°
  • Screws:CrMo steel
  • Diameter:31,7mm
  • Fork Steerer:1 1/8” (28,6mm)
  • Clamp Height:40mm
  • Sizes:80mm Black: (D100B080)
    90mm Black: (D100B090)
    100mm Black: (D100B100)
    110mm Black: (D100B110)
    120mm Black: (D100B120)
    130mm Black: (D100B130)
    140mm Black: (D100B140)
    80mm BOB: (D100BOB080)
    90mm BOB: (D100BOB090)
    100mm BOB: (D100BOB100)
    110mm BOB: (D100BOB110)
    120mm BOB: (D100BOB120)
    130mm BOB: (D100BOB130)
    140mm BOB: (D100BOB140)
  • Weight:126g (110 mm)
  • Finish:Black or BOB (Black on Black)
Size: 80mm
Color: BOB Finish

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