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Campagnolo Super Record 12x Cassettes

Type: Super Record 12x 11/29 Cassette

For use with the Campagnolo Record and Super Record 12x groupsets.

The rider has always been Campagnolo's focus, and the goal has always been facilitating their performance; making the impossible possible. Super Record accomplishes this mission and goes above and beyond with each component aiding their performance and making the rider the best they can possibly be.

With the additional sprocket on the cassette the need for a range of cassettes is eliminated. The extra gear allows for single tooth increments all the way up to the 7th sprocket. The shift curve on these new cassettes is so much smoother than competitor 11 speed brands. The cassette fitment is an identical width to the 11-speed versions so they are compatible with all existing Campagnolo freehub bodies.

When researching other 12-speed equivalents on the market, they found an incredible amount of flex due to the single ring set up of the cassette. Campagnolo cassettes are fixed to a spline to offering greater rigidity and smoother shifting. The cassette's last two triplets are CNC'd out of one piece of hardened steel for optimum stiffness Alloy spacers have been used for improved durability and weight saving.

In addition, the closer sprockets ensure faster, quieter and more precise shifting thanks to the special tooth design and surface treatment which guarantees a longer life span. The 6 larger sprockets are also available in two single-piece steel triplets, to avoid energy loss. Mounting the cassettes is easy thanks to matching-thickness spacers.

  • 11-32 Ratio 11/12/13/14/15/16/17/19/22/25/28/32
  • 11-29 Ratio 11/12/13/14/15/16/17/19/21/23/26/29
Features & benefits
  • Same width as the 11x sprocket cassettes: Total compatibility with wheels and frames
  • Two largest triplets in a single piece: Eliminates energy loss
  • Surface treatment: Increases durability and improves smoothness
  • Matching thickness spacers: Facilitates installation by eliminating the possibility of error
  • Two sections available: Increases the range of action thanks to the complete range of metric development
  • Weight: 266g
Type: Super Record 12x 11/29 Cassette

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