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Campagnolo Super Record 12x Carbon Chainsets

Type: Super Record U-T 12x 170 34-50

Super record is meant for those who want to fit their bicycle with the best the market has in terms of performance and distinction. The Super Record groupset is both extremely lightweight and very sturdy. This groupset is the crowned jewel of Campagnolo innovation and the technologies, materials and expertise that the groupset is made with place it in a category apart.

The carbon fibre Super Record 12x2 Speed crankset has been made lighter on the inside through Campagnolo Hollow Technology, which uses the Ultra-Torque bracket system with a titanium axle to transfer all of the force the athlete applies to the pedal to the drivetrain. The Super Record 12x2 Speed crankset can be installed on any type of frame, whether or not it is being used with disc brakes because it optimises the chain line on the frame with a rear hub flange measuring 130, 135 or 142 millimetres, without affecting the Q factor, which remains constant at 145.5 millimetres thanks to the hand crank design.

The use of ceramic Cult bearings leads to obtaining the smooth ride that the Campagnolo brand is known for. The innovative design of the outer chainring ensures faster, quieter derailing owing to the contoured pin. The symmetrical design of the inner chainring teeth allows improved stability with chain crossovers. The double wheel sizing standards (112 and 145 millimetres) combined with the eight fixing screws optimise weight and stiffness through the increased use of carbon fibre.

Ultra-torque: This is considered the best-performance crankset spindle in terms of stiffness, low weight and efficiency of power transmission. Campagnolo found a way to permanently conjoin the semi-axles of the bottom bracket to the respective crankset arms. This redesign made it possible to considerably reduce the lateral dimensions at the axle level and prevent annoying contact with the ankles when turning the pedals.

  • Compatible with all frame systems, regardless of the width of the rear chainstay.
  • Maximum stiffness to the crankset during upshift.
  • Unidirectional carbon fibre cranks, steel axle and aluminium chainrings create substantial stiffness and excellent power transfer.
  • Symmetrical inner chainring teeth bring a fluid and precise drivetrain.
  • Optimised design for every chainring combination allowing maximum performance without fail.
  • Fully compatible with disc and rim brake frames
  • Ultra-Torque and titanium axle with reverse thread titanium fixing bolt
  • Optimised upshifting pins for each chainring combination
  • Hollow cranks and spider arms with ultra-hollow technology
  • CULT Technology with an 8-bolt retention design to increase efficiency
  • Ultra-Torque BB cups required
  • Compatible with Record and Chorus 12x groupsets
  • Weight: 618g
  • Material: Carbon
Type: Super Record U-T 12x 170 34-50

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