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Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 Disc 2-Way Tubeless Wheels

Type: Bora WTO 60 DB 2-Way Dark Label Front

Key Features:

  • Wind tunnel optimised and 60mm rim height for unrivaled aerodynamics
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Full carbon rim


Designed for cyclists with a love for speed, the WTO family welcomes its very first high profile aerodynamic disc brake wheel, the Bora WTO 60.

Campagnolo have taken their extensive knowledge and pushed the limits of research and development of wheels in the category further still, creating a wheelset with a high profile which can transfer all the aerodynamic advantages to the road. The design of each wheel component enables maximum aerodynamic penetration, so that the wind stops being a hindrance to the cyclist and, at certain angles, becomes a help.

The wheel features unidirectional carbon rims with a rounded-profile optimised in the wind tunnel, new aerodynamic aluminium hubs and the ceramic USB cup and cone bearing system. Every design decision has been determined with the sole goal of optimising performance.

The profile of the rim, which has an internal width of 19mm, makes a perfect pairing with 23, 25 and 28mm tyres. Thanks to 2 Way Fit technology, Campagnolo guarantees complete compatibility with both clincher and tubeless tyres. The hole free upper bridge, achieved through the patented MoMag system, saves weight, increases stiffness, and allows for tubeless tyres to be fitted without requiring any tape. Maintaining and cleaning the wheel during tyre replacement has never been easier.

These wheels were made for extreme performance, the Campagnolo mantra is reliability: the G3 spoke pattern with double spokes on the left of the front wheel ensures balanced and safe braking in all conditions.

The Bora WTO 60 Disc Brake wheel is entirely hand assembled by a specialised Campagnolo technician and is 100% checked using electronic instrumentation. This procedure ensures that every single Campagnolo wheel offers maximum performance and reliability

BORA WTO 60 DB: made for winning in sprint finishes, circuit races, time trials and triathlons.

Available with Campagnolo 9/10/11/12x, Shimano 9/10/11/12x or XDR 11/12x freehub bodies.

The WTO Advantage

60mm the essence of aerodynamics

  • The design of the rim enables maximum aerodynamic penetration: at wind angles between 10 deg and 20 deg (a situation that accounts for 80% of time on the saddle), this wheel is unequalled when it comes to overcoming drag.
  • The streamlined design of the central part of the hub and the special design of the flanges decrease the frontal area of the component reducing airflow turbulence.
  • The 24 spoke pattern, along with their elliptical cross section, results in a far superior drag reduction.

Fast and Fluid

  • The well-known USB cup and cone bearing system guarantees 50% greater smoothness than standard bearings.
  • The 2-Way Fit profile allows you to fit either a clincher tyre or to opt for a tubeless tyre and benefit from the lowest rolling resistance
  • The 19mm inner width enables you to fit 23, 25 and 28mm tyres, with perfect pairing of the rim-tyre system

Choose Aero, but make it Campagnolo

  • The 60mm profile allows the transfer of all the benefits of aerodynamic optimisation that can't be achieved with lower profiles.
  • The wheel structure enables minimal energy dissipation, transferring all the energy produced by the cyclist to the asphalt.
  • A 60mm profile with a wheelset weight of 1590g makes it the perfect partner to win sprint finishes, circuit races, time trials and cycling sections in triathlons.

RIM: C19 Class, wind tunnel developed, constructed from high modulus, unidirectional (UD) carbon fibre. Featuring a 60mm deep profile with an internal width of 19mm, finished with ultra-lightweight water transfer graphics (no paint or lacquer to add weight).

HUBS: Extremely lightweight, stiff and wind tunnel optimised black aluminium monolithic hub with USB cup and cone ceramic bearing system. Aluminium axles (100mm front an 142mm rear)

SPOKES: Double butted, straight-pull, steel, elliptical, aero cross section spokes. 24 front and 24 rear, both in Campagnolo's trademarked G3 pattern

NIPPLES: Black, aluminium, self locking

TYRE COMPATIBILITY: 2 Way fit means clincher or tubeless tyres can be used. For optimum aerodynamic advantage choose a 25mm wide tyre (suitable for 23mm to 33mm tyres).

FREEHUB BODY: CA 9/10/11/12x, SH 9/10/11/12x,

WEIGHT: 1590g

WEIGHT LIMIT: 120kg max (Cyclist and bike)

Box Contents

  • Pair of Wheels
  • 44mm tubeless valve
  • 40mm tubeless valve
  • Bushing to reduce the size of the valve holes
  • 2 x Tyre Levers
  • User manual and warranty information
Type: Bora WTO 60 DB 2-Way Dark Label Front

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