Campagnolo Bora One 35 BT Disc Clincher Wheels

Type: Bora One 35 DB Bright Label Cl Front

The Campagnolo engineering staff have developed a new construction that has created a braking performance above and beyond anything found on carbon rims to date.

With maximum aerodynamics, extreme speed and incredible handling, The Bora One is sure to give you the best performance in any situation. Increasing the rim width from 20.5mm to 24.2mm allowed the Campagnolo engineers to not only improve the aerodynamics but also to allow the wheel to accommodate wider tyres. Using wider tyres increases control, as the contact area between tyre and tarmac is larger, thus improving grip and creating a more comfortable ride. The wider rim profile increases structural integrity, without increasing the weight of the wheelset. Weight is further reduced thanks to a smaller profile front hub. Campagnolo engineers were able to reduce the weight and size of the hub while maintaining all of the performance characteristics of the previous version.

This wheel features patented Ultra Smooth USB Bearings made from ceramic, which vastly reduces the weight and greatly improves the smoothness of the bearings. Compared to standard bearings USB ceramic ones will require much less maintenance are are far more resistant to corrosion.

Campagnolo's patented Mega G3 Spoke pattern, with twice as many spokes on the left hand side, improves energy transfer between the hub. This in turn reduces stress on the right-hand side which increases the rigidity and reactivity of the wheel.

The Bora One is a fantastic upgrade for your road disc bike. This stunning carbon wheelset with astound you, not only with its good looks, but its exceptional performance in all areas.

  • Disc brake specific design
  • Full Carbon high profile 35mm rim, available in clincher and tubular versions
  • RDB (Rim Dynamic Balance) exclusive technology engineered into the rims, assures perfect balance even at high speeds
  • Ultra lightweight decals eliminate the need for heavy adhesives and painting, reducing the overall weight by nearly 15g
  • Monolithic Aluminium hubs, optimised for torque applied by disc brakes, featuring an oversized flange, cup and cone USB bearings and aluminium axle
  • Aerodynamic spokes with exclusive Mega-G3 spoke pattern with anti-rotation system
  • Advanced resin and carbon technology: the carbon fibre is held in place in the mould using a resin formula that guarantees a superior finish, durability and withstands UV rays over time
  • Freehub: Campagnolo (CA) 9/10/11/12x, Shimano (SH) -9/10/11/12x
  • Axles: Bolt Thru
  • Weight: 1483g (clincher, pair)


The Bora One 35 Disc Brake Wheel is entirely hand built by a specialised Campagnolo technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic tools. This ensures that every wheel conforms to the high standards that Campagnolo pride themselves and will have unbeatable reliability.

Technical Specification


  • Spoke Count: 24 Front and 21 (G3) Rear
  • Bladed aerodynamic stainless steel spokes
  • Aluminium nipples


  • Layers of carbon are positioned by hand during construction to ensure the perfect equilibrium of weight and performance
  • Profile Height: 35mm
  • Internal Rim Width: 24.2mm
  • Material: Carbon
  • Special resins used create a stunning finish
  • Excellent UV resistance


  • Monolithic aluminium hub with black finish
  • USB Bearings
  • Width: 100mm (Front) / 142mm (Rear)
  • Cup and cone bearing system
  • Disc Fitment: AFS/Centre-Lock (Lockring included)
  • Freehub: CA 9/10/11/12x, SH 9/10/11/12x

In The Box

  • Wheel Bag
  • Tool pouch with spoke wrench and spoke holder
  • Tyre Lever
  • Valve Extender
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Booklet
  • Campagnolo Wheel Identification Card
Type: Bora One 35 DB Bright Label Cl Front

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