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Waterproof Bike Packing Saddle Bag


Designed for further adventures, the Saddle Pack is built from fully waterproof fabric, with a robust ‘shell’ section that attaches to the saddle and seat-post and an inner removable dry-bag; to keep your belongings protected and easily accessible. The pack fixes to the seat-post with large nylon and Velcro straps and reinforced anti-vibration webbing; plus an additional fixing strap through the saddle rails which is fully adjustable. The main cargo compartment – the removable dry-bag – has a compression valve to release the air once packed and closed, to fit it securely into the shell section.

With a 10-litre capacity the pack can fit a single-person bivvy, camping mat or lightweight sleeping bag alongside other smaller items of clothing and essentials. The shell section also has a carabiner-style clip on the outside to attach a camping mug or other essential hardware.

The pack makes minimal movement whilst riding, even when loaded to capacity. The quick-release clip on the saddle-rail strap offers easy attachment and release, and the inner dry-bag part of the pack can be clipped over the shoulder or onto other luggage when not on the bike.



  • fully waterproof fabric
  • reinforced fixings
  • removable dry-bag section
  • compression valve
  • exterior carabiner clips
  • heat-sealed seams
  • rigid construction for optimal stability
  • large robust velcro fixings
  • adjustable and durable nylon straps
  • AquaGuard® zips by YKK
  • 10 litre capacity
  • H: 15cm x W: 40cm x D: 15.5cm



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