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Size: XS/S
Color: Black

The Troy Lee Designs Triad Knee/Shin Hard Shell Guards are the closest you can get to a full-on armour plate for your knee that will allow you to ride to the best of your abilities. They protect the front of your knee joint, shin and the lower part of your thigh. 

The outer shell of this sturdy guard is formed from hard shell plastic that acts to disperse impact over a wide area, lessening its intensity, while allowing heat and moisture to disperse through vent holes at the thigh and shin. Meanwhile, a D3O pad over the knee will remain supple and breathable until needed, when it will suddenly harden to act as a protective shield. 

On either side of the knee, small containment flanges support the medial and lateral collateral ligaments and hold the knee joint firmly in place. 

Finally, sturdy elastic straps act to secure the Triad Knee/Shin Guard around the front of your leg, ensuring that, even if it’s so comfortable that you’ll barely notice it as you hurl yourself downhill, it’ll always be right where it’s needed!  


Key Features
    • D3O® liner CE certified to EN 1621-1 Level 1 standard
    • Strategically ventilated hard shell plastic outer layer
    • Bilateral containment flanges offer superior knee joint support
    • Adjustable elastic strips facilitate a secure fit
    • Sold as a pair, left and right
    Size: XS/S
    Color: Black

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