Size: S
Color: BLACK

Stay stealthy, or disrupt the norm. Voted 10/10 by the Independent, our SS23 colourway showcases our legendary Squadron Jersey like never before..

The Spatzwear ‘SQUADRON’ Jersey is like nothing else on the market. Designed to let you ride as far as you want; as fast as you want.

The cut of the ‘SQUADRON’ Jersey is close, sleek and aero, with arms engineered close and long - right down to the elbow. The shoulder and chest fabric fends off the wind while the striated torso material keeps things fast and aero. Wear your size for a sleek, aero look, or size-up for a more relaxed fit.

The killer features of the ‘SQUADRON’ Jersey are the cargo pockets - not only positioned across the entire rear section, but also tucked behind the right tricep on the back of the sleeve. Stow clothing, food and litter in the rear mesh cargo pockets and use the cargo pocket behind the arm for a bar, gel or to hold an L.E.D light.

In addition to the cargo AND traditional 3 rear pockets, we have added a water resistant zipper pocket. A headphone cable slot exits into the interior of the rear pockets and a headphone slit near the collar lets you hang your ear buds should you so choose.

Logos are subtle, black rubberised print and go unnoticed until a headlight beam hits, when the reflective paint glows up strong. We have added subtle logos under the mesh cargo pockets which only catch the eye in the glare of a headlight.

The collar is cut to sit close and we have added a high quality zipper which opens at the top and bottom for maximum comfort and flexibility.

This is a jersey which you could realistically use for a 200km gravel epic, and then wear to smash up your local evening criterium the next day. It will soon become your go-to jersey for racing, training, gravel or simply riding.

We have designed a jersey which is fitted and aerodynamic yet offers features you will come to rely on every day. It has been developed and tested to destruction by the current Olympic Champion.

Nobody has ever created a garment like this. It is totally revolutionary and will change your riding forever.

The ‘SQUADRON’ Jersey epitomises our strap-line: “UTILITY WITH SPEED”.









Size: S
Color: BLACK

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