Praxis Works M30 Threaded Ceramic Bottom Bracket - BSA 68/73mm

Color: Black

For 68mm ROAD/73mm MTB frames.

English Threaded BB for installing an M30 Spindle based crank in an English threaded/BSA frame. We based the new Turn cranks on the Praxis M30 ‘Wide-Stance’ platform. The M30 bottom bracket allows us to use one spindle for three of the most common bottom bracket frame standards in the market. The Praxis Turn M30 bottom bracket is available as English threaded frames, BB86/BB92, or in the very popular Praxis Conversion for BB30 or PF30 frames. This design keeps the cartridge bearings outboard the frame free of frame tolerance issues and keeps the bearings aligned for longer wear and noise free riding. One crank, with proper bottom brackets’s for compatibility across many frame types.

Color: Black

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