Moon Sirius Rear Light

Color: Black
Lumen Output: One Size

The Moon Sirius Rear Light provides bright and eye-catching illumination of up to 200-lumens to keep you visible for other road users. Plus, it's USB rechargeable, IPX7 water-resistant and has a built-in braking-light sensor.

Product description

The Moon Sirius is a vibrant, reliable and easy to use rear cycle light. Ideal for general road cycling, urban rides, daily commutes and competitive group rides, this versatile light is perfect for cycling low light conditions anywhere. Also, it has a built-in motion sensor, which provides a constant 100-lumen glow when you are slowing down to let other road users know your momentum is changing. Plus, it provides a max lumen output of 200-lumens with multiple flash modes, is USB rechargeable and fits onto virtually any seatpost design.

Moon’s most intelligent rear bicycle light has landed. With no fewer than five different modes boasting automatic brightness and motion-sensing functions, you’ll be amazed at what this light can do! Suitable for riding both on and off-road, once you’ve tried the Sirius, going back to a regular rear light simply won’t be an option.

Bright Rear Light for Urban, Commuting and Road Cycling

Moon’s Sirius offers the perfect solution to riders in an urban setting where regular braking and changes of pace are inevitable. The Sirius alerts traffic and other road users to changes in your speed through a 100 steady lumen output when braking; be that stopping for a set of lights, a pedestrian crossing or stuck in traffic. IPX7 waterproofing means getting caught out in rain is not an issue and at just 68g, you won’t even notice it’s there.

USB Rechargeable

Perfect for rapid and easy charging on-the-go, a water-resistant USB charging port means you can boost your battery in the car, at the café or anywhere with the facility to plug in the USB-C cable found in the box. The Sirius can be fully re-charged in two and a half hours, offering outstanding battery life on all modes. Not sure how much of your battery you have left? The battery and charging percentage indicators help ensure you leave home or work with plenty of charge.

Versatile Tool Free Mounting

Three different sized O-Rings offer a mounting solution for a huge array of seatposts, from 20-52mm in diameter. Two rubber pads are included to protect your seatpost from any mud or grit trying to interfere. No tools and minimal fuss mean you can get pressing on the pedals sooner.

Adjustable Variable Lumens System

Find the perfect brightness for your ride with Moon’s Variable Lumens System. Available in four of the Sirius’ five modes, you can choose an output of between 10 and 200 lumens. Fed up of blinding your mates when riding together? The Sirius’ group ride feature is made for this scenario, allowing you to be seen collectively, but without hindering the vision of those in the group.

A mode memory system means your chosen mode and lumens are already set for the next time you ride, whilst the lock system avoids accidental light activation in your kit bag. Excellent side visibility and an in-built reflector optimise safety wherever you choose to ride.

Run Times:

Day Flash: 200 Lumens - 11:00 hr
Steady Flash: 60 Lumens - 10:00 hr
Flash 1: 30 Lumens - 19:00 hr
Mode 1: 60 Lumens - 02:00 hr
Group Ride Mode: 5 Lumens - 24:00 hr


Rear Road Bike Light
200 Lumens Maximum Output
5 Different Modes
Built-in reflector
120° beam & side visibility
CNC Aluminium heat sink casing protects battery
Intelligent brightness & motion sensing functions
Re-Charge time: 2 hrs 30
Variable Lumen System (VLS)
Mode Memory
Lock system avoids switching on accidentally
3 O-rings for easy mounting to different seatposts
USB-C Rechargeable
Battery & Charging Indicators
IPX7 water-resistant
Size: 42x32x71mm
Weight: 68g

In the box:

Sirius Light
3 O-Rings for mounting:

  • 20-26mm diameter
  • 26-35mm diameter
  • 35-52mm diameter
    Aero rubber pad
    Round rubber pad
    USB-C Charging Cable
    User Manual
Top features
  • Rear Road Bike Light
  • 200 Lumens Maximum Output
  • 5 Different Modes
  • CNC Aluminium heat sink casing protects battery
  • Intelligent brightness & motion sensing functions
  • Re-Charge time: 2 hrs 30
  • Variable Lumen System (VLS)
  • IPX7 water-resistant
  • Size: 42x32x71mm
  • Weight: 68g
Color: Black
Lumen Output: One Size

Product information