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Moon Alcor Rear Light

Color: Black/Red
Lumen Output: One Size

A convenient and user friendly rear, red LED, bike light that is ideal for commuters

Product description

To save you the constant hassle of having to replace your bike light’s batteries the Alcor is fully Micro USB rechargeable. The light comes with a provided Micro USB charge cable that allows you to recharge your bike light via any standard USB port. These can be found in various locations such as your computer’s desktop, on the side of your laptop, or as part of your phone charger. This allows you to recharge the light while you’re on the go which is ideal for commuters. The light comes with up to 70 hours of battery life and has a 2 hours full recharge time.


The light is easy to take on and off your bike’s frame with an integrated magnetic mounting system that can be used to attach to various parts of your bike’s frame giving you visibility wherever you require it.

Light Modes

Moon’s Alcor Rear Light comes with a range of 5 different light modes which can easily be changed between to suit your battery life or lighting environment. The light modes included are:

Mode One: 3 lumens light output – 8 hours battery life

Mode Two: 6 lumens light output – 4 hours battery life

Mode Three (Flashing): 3 lumens light output – 70 hours battery life

Mode Four (Flashing): 8 lumens light output – 40 hours battery life

Mode Five (Day Flash): 15 lumens light output – 30 hours battery life

Top features
  • Up to 15 lumens of light output
  • USB rechargeable
  • Up to 70 hours battery life
  • 2 hours full recharge time
  • Integrated mounting system
  • Day flash mode
  • 5 different light modes
  • Ultra-bright red LED
Color: Black/Red
Lumen Output: One Size

Product information