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Color: Black


Whether racing or training, the Look Race Carbon MTB Pedals ensure efficient, powerful pedalling, and secure engagement. With the body constructed from carbon, these are the lightest in the range, with both pedal and cleats together coming in at a mere 444 grams. A weather-resistant double seal on the chromoly spindle enhances the durability and longevity of this pedal system.

Look have designed these pedals primarily around efficient power transfer, identifying zones useful to energy transmission, and limiting material in less important areas, in order to keep weight down. The result is the best weight to contact surface area ratio available.

Lateral contact support helps guide your foot to the pedal and provides a contact point before your foot is engaged. Your foot won't slide on the pedal and you'll be able to clip in faster and easier. The mechanism allows for fast shedding of external debris so you'll retain consistent support and a secure hold, no matter the conditions.

Adjustability allows you to set the tension via a single screw, to between 6 and 14, ensuring all levels of rider are catered for. The six degrees of float in the supplied cleats provides a small amount of movement so you'll feel comfortable, while excess pressure on the knees is avoided.



  • Look X-Track Race Carbon MTB Pedals
  • Look X-Track MTB Cleats
  • Use: XC competition and leisure
  • Tension: 6 to 14
  • Body: Carbon
  • Spindle: Chromoly +
  • Float: Six degrees
  • Platform material: Chromoly
  • Platform area: 515 mm²
  • Platform width: 60 mm
  • Stack height with cleats: 16.8 mm (10.7 + 6.1 mm)
  • Pedal weight (each): 170 grams
  • Pedal and cleat weight (pair): 444 grams
Color: Black

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