Color: Black

Look Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Cromo Pedals With the best possible power-to-weight ratio, the Look Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Cromo Pedals are light and aerodynamic with the blade fully integrated. The ceramic bearings significantly reduce friction for smoother operation, and the redesigned Chromoly spindle is more rigid and keeps drag to a minimum. Water-resistance improves reliability and longevity, while the 67mm wide stainless steel platform optimises the contact area and, ultimately, power transfer. The carbon body and blade keep weight to an absolute minimum and the blade is fully integrated to cut drag. The platform is broad and rigid, and the 67mm stainless steel plate optimises the contact area between the pedal and cleat for unmatched power transfer. The spindle itself has been redesigned in this latest edition with a new oversized axle; power transmission is improved and drag further reduced. Using ceramic bearings improves longevity and friction by up to 18%. The pedals are installed with 12Nm blades and include additional 16Nm blades for those who prefer an even more secure connection.  Includes * Look Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Cromo Pedals * Keo Cleats (grey)


  • Body/blade: Carbon
  • Spindle: Chromoly steel
  • Threading: 9/16 x 20mm
  • Bearings: Ceramic
  • Stack height: 14.8mm
  • Distance - pedal spindle / crankarm: 53mm
  • Platform width: 67mm
  • Platform surface area: 700mm²
  • Tension: Pedals come installed with “12” Carbon Blades / (“16” Carbon Blades and “20” Carbon Blades sold separately)
  • Cleats: Keo Cleats - Grey
  • Float: 0 °, 4.5 ° Or 9 ° according to the cleat colour (Black, Grey, Red)
  • Pedal weight: 110 grams (290 grams per pair with cleats and screws)
Color: Black

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