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Color: Black

Completely re-designed for improved comfort and efficiency, the Look Keo 2 Max Carbon Pedals have been slimmed down and now feature a wider contact surface to enhance your pedalling efficiency on the road.

With adjustable float from 8 to 12 degrees, you can adapt these pedals to suit your riding preferences and they weigh in at just 312 grams with the included Keo Grip cleats and screws.


Suiting cyclists at every level, the Look Keo 2 Max Carbon Pedals have been updated to enhance comfort and optimise power transfer. With a new and stylish slimmed-down design, both pedals have been extended to 60mm wide, with a 25% increase in usable surface area, so all your watts are transferred to the road, and your foot will feel even more stable.

The stainless steel plate has been redesigned to match the cleat perfectly for a secure connection, giving you the confidence to test your limits out on the road. Another benefit of this change is that whether you select a float of 8 or 12 degrees, contact will remain the same as will the consistency of your performance. The Chromoly+ steel axle houses an inner ball bearing and a needle roller bearing to ensure even distribution of load across the contact surface. Replacing the serrated washer of its predecessor, a conical spacer reduces friction and play in the pedal body, whilst increasing fluidity.

All this technology comes in a light package of just 312 grams including cleats, and weight is kept low by the carbon construction of the pedal body.

  • Look Keo 2 Max Carbon Pedals
  • One pair of grey Keo Grip cleats and screws
  • Usage: Recreational to competition
  • Body: Carbon
  • Axle: Chromoly +
  • Pedal stack height and cleats: 17.3 mm
  • Contact surface area: 500 mm²
  • Float: 8 or 12 degrees, adjustable spring
  • Cleats: Keo Grip
  • Pedal weight: 125 grams (312 grams per pair with cleats and screws)
  • Includes: One pair of grey Keo Grip cleats and screws
Color: Black

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