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Fulcrum Red Zone 5 29er Wheelset

Type: RED ZONE 5 29 HG11 TR AFS RZ5-18DFR52A

The passion of everyday life, the alarm clock that goes off for your morning training session, those stolen hours before dinner and your long Saturday outings with friends: adventure, goals, flow. These wheels are ideal for a variety of different situations, so we put ourselves in the shoes of those who might choose them and asked ourselves: what do these wheels need? They're reliable, well-balanced in terms of weight and stiff enough for cyclists to clock up the kilometres with complete peace of mind. With these wheels cyclists can focus on enjoying their surroundings, drinking in the view behind each bend while keeping up with their seasonal schedule. Fulcrum's R&D department have studied the market and produced their interpretation, creating Cross Country wheels to meet the demands of today's cycling routes. The wheels are ready to use and feature a wider groove with solid, sophisticated spoking. These wheels have a definite wow factor and are a cut above the rest.


  • Weight: 1800g, boost 1815g
  • Rim material: Aluminium
  • Rim height: 20mm
  • Rim width: 28.5mm
Type: RED ZONE 5 29 HG11 TR AFS RZ5-18DFR52A

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