Chris King Dropset 2 Integrated Headset

Color: NAVY
Size: IS42/IS52 (45/45) 1-1/8 - 1-1/2 - CERAMIC


The new Dropset 2 headset – Part of Chris King's integrated headset range.

The Dropset 2 integrated headset is built to be precise and dependable when you need it, and sets the standard for quality integrated headset function, delivering precision performance that is built on the same pedigree of Chris King headsets from the past 40 years.

After making the very best pressed-in headsets for over 40 years, Chris King is releasing the DropSet™ range the first time Chris King has produced integrated headset solutions. The Dropset project started from the ground up, beginning with testing to analyze the forces at play in an integrated vs a pressed-in headset design, and discovering the unique problems that needed to be addressed.

The most significant challenge to overcome was that integrated bearings are not pressed into a cup and sit loosely in the frame. When bearings are not pressed securely into a cup they shift and move, rapidly losing preload. As preload drops, the bearings are more susceptible to creaking, damage, and failure.

Legendary Bearings

All Chris King bearings are designed specifically for use in bicycle components as they wear in with use, rather than wear out. They are built to last a lifetime, fully serviceable and backed by the ten-year built-to-last warranty.


Technical Specification

  • Engineered, manufactured and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA
  • 10-year built-to-last warranty
  • Legendary made-in-house bearings
  • Patented GripLock® retention design for exclusively reliable headset adjustment
  • 42mm 45x45 upper bearing
  • 52mm 45x45 lower bearing
  • Compatible with Chris King baseplate and 45-degree integrated crown races
Color: NAVY
Size: IS42/IS52 (45/45) 1-1/8 - 1-1/2 - CERAMIC

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