Campagnolo 12x Direct Mount Brake Calipers

Type: 12x Direct Mount Brake Seat Stay

Campagnolo is dedicated towards offering the best performance solution possible no matter what frame a road racing athlete chooses to ride or the tyre he or she chooses to mount. As framebuilders begin to develop frame and fork designs that take advantage of the aerodynamic gains represented by direct mount brakes the Campy Tech Lab set forth to produce a pair of direct mount brakes that boast Campagnolo quality and performance standards. This all new braking system from Campagnolo allows for a completely symmetric and efficient brake application thanks to its self-balancing design and is compatible with the new wider rim standards.

Campagnolo Direct Mount brakes offer surefooted stopping power thanks to their extremely stiff structure, while design elements that take inspiration from the traditional skeleton brake design keep weight to a minimum. In addition to pure performance a great deal of attention was paid to ease of use and adjustment. The direct mount brake is often complex to install and adjust and great strides were made to make this Campagnolo version the most user friendly and simple to adjust of any model available.

Technical Specifications:
  • Perfect for Campagnolo 12-speed but fully compatible with all Campagnolo rim brake groups
  • Compatible with up to 28mm tyres as well as the wider C17 and C19 inner rim width standards
  • Constructed from light alloy with titanium hardware
  • Lightweight, aerodynamic, skeleton brake inspired design
  • Universal brake shoe design - guarantee compatibility of high-performance Campagnolo brake pads even on non-Campagnolo branded brakes
  • Brake-pad height adjustment ratio: 40-50mm (measured from brake fixing-bolt to brake-shoe-nut)
  • Brake pads orbital adjustment
  • Ball bearings at pivot point
  • Fast assembly with no additional parts required
  • Fast adjustment with screws oriented in a direction that allows for the fastest adjustment, while guaranteeing easy access to adjustment screws
  • Weight: 183g
Type: 12x Direct Mount Brake Seat Stay

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